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Copper Beech ~ Fine English Etiquette Books:  Leave the stress and hurry of modern life for a time and step into the world of afternoon teas and good manners. English Etiquette books make great gifts.  Titles include baby naming, wine, English tea etiquette, and many more!  Vintage style books - titles to linger over; they will delight all those with a special interest in nostalgia, Victoriana and life in less hurried days.  Enjoy discovering these very special little books! 

 IMPORTANT: Remember all our Copper Beech English Etiquette Books are stocked in our New York warehouse and can be combined with any other Westerman items in your order.

Copper Beech English Etiquette Books are available in a range of soft cover titles below. We stock in our New York Warehouse Copper Beech hard cover English Etiquette books on the next page.

The Copper Beech soft cover English Etiquette books have a suggested retail price of $10-$12.00.
The Copper Beech hard cover English Etiquette books have a suggested retail of $20.00+.

    Soft Cover Titles:

Love & Courtship:
For weddings, engagements, and bridal parties, this is the 'must have' book buddy.  Advice for lovers first collected in 1850, this book reveals the power of love and passion for romantics of all ages.
Etiquette of Politeness:
A Victorian collection of good advice for those wishing to appear polite and well-bred at all. times.
Etiquette of Dress:
Travel back in time and learn how to be correctly dressed for all occasions.  Correct underwear, the use of gloves, smart dressing for the business woman.  Fun for anyone with an interest in fashion.
Etiquette of Motoring:
Learning to steer, "The concentration required will possibly prove exhausting ..."
Etiquette for the Traveler:
Common questions for travelers:
-Should a girl make up in public?
-Is there any reason why I should not open the window in a railway compartment?
-What tip should one leave on a cruising holiday?
Never complain, never explain, never do anything eccentric.  First published in 1907 this little book of 'manners for the multitude' was never meant to be taken seriously and is great for a laugh.
Tea & Conversation:
Friends gather; tea is  brewed and conversation flows.  Everything tastes better with social niceties from days when afternoons were longer...
Cheese & Wine:
Putting together a hamper for someone who appreciates good food?  Then add this little book!  'Simple pleasures for those of refined taste.'
Etiquette for the Children:
Good manners, cultivated in childhood, can make us happy and successful in life.  This helpful guide, from 1901, offers advice for good habits in dress, in person, in speech and at the table!
Recipes For Roses:
Scented bags to lay with linen, an excellent water for the head; recipes for pot pourri, perfumes and sweet-smelling rose water.
Etiquette  for a Traditional Christmas:
Mulled wine and mistletoe; mince pies and cakes; crackers and decorations ~ all you need to know for a truly delicious and traditional festive celebration.
Recipes for High Class Cookery:
Good cooking creates a good impression.  Easy to follow advice for distinguished food.  Just add a damask cloth, polished glasses and glistening silverware!
Love Is Like A Mutton Chop:
Wry words of love 1840-1940.
'They were in the parlour, just those three,
He, the parlour lamp ~ and she,
Two is company without a doubt, and so the little lamp went out.'
Mangles, Mops & Feather Brushes:
Household hints.  How clean is your house?
Recipes for an English Tea:
Recipes for the very best scones, jams and cakes; recipes for cleaning the silver trays, recipes for keeping a spotless tea-pot!
Etiquette of an English Tea: Afternoon Tea has never been more popular.  This pocket-sized guide to the history of tea drinking is the book for all those who enjoy a good cup of tea.
Etiquette of English Pudding:
Does someone you know love a good old-fashioned pudding?  This little book contains traditional recipes for favourites such as Bakewell Pudding,  Half-Pay Pudding, Fig Pudding - as well as 'Etiquette Notes' for serving!
Etiquette for the Well-Dressed Man:
A man is judged  by his appearance.  To become a millionaire - or at least to get on in life - a man needs to be well-dressed.  Dress well and increase your self-confidence.
Etiquette for Chocolate Lovers:
The complete story of chocolate eating and drinking, recipes, royal chocolate lovers, etiquette and all things 'good and chocolately' are here.
Etiquette for Gentlemen:
Contains everything a gentleman needs to know.  'If you have occasion to use your handkerchief, do so as noiselessly as possible!'
Etiquette for the Chauffeur:
To be a good chauffeur...
"It is not enough to be a good mechanic and know how to drive a car.  You must also study your employer's wishes and carry them out."
Etiquette of Naming the Baby:

Choosing a name is a very special gift you give to your child.  Name your baby after royalty, inventors, explorers and others with a place in history.  A collection of traditional names used in Victorian times.
Etiquette for Coffee Lovers:
The smell of fresh coffee can make the mouth water whether as the morning's first drink, the mid-morning break, the after dinner luxury.  This book is the perfect gift for any Coffee Lover!
Etiquette for Wine Lovers:
Discover Shakespeare's favourite wine!  The subtle art of tasting and serving.  Hints from days gone by.  Perfect to accompany a good bottle of wine!
Etiquette For The Bride:
Traditional advice from times gone by for the perfect day.  This book will delight and inspire today's bride.  Perfect planning and good ideas!
Recipes For Gardeners:
Garden lovers will enjoy these traditional 'recipes' and trusted hints.  This book contains ideas and advice no gardener will want to be without.
The Gentle Art of Flirtation:
"A flirt flaunts abroad with furtive and sidelong glances'.  The very ruffling of her clothes is designed to make men look round."
English Lavender:
For pleasure, lavender is surely the typical English perfume, evocative of country gardens and days when life was lived at a slower pace.
Nanny's Wisdom
Words of comfort and encouragement for happy children.  Common sense and wisdom from yesterday's nanny.
A Tea Party For The Children
In a world full of haste, these ideas for tea parties and entertainments for children will delight everyone.

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